Conference 2018

Government and Governance from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance: Representation and Reality
November 17, 2018 | University of New Hampshire | Durham, NH

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8:30am Keynote

  • Amy Appleford (Boston University), “Governing Bodies in Late Medieval London”

9:35am High Medieval Europe

  • Robert G. Sullivan (University of Massachusetts at Amherst), “Justice and Society in Early 12th-century Rural Germany”
  • Ann Zimo (University of New Hampshire), “The Problem of Borders and Sovereignty with the Thirteenth-Century Kingdom of Jerusalem”
  • Rai d’Honoré (California State University at Long Beach), “The Rise of the Capitouls of Toulouse: How the Bourgeois Wrested Power from the Nobility”

11:25am Late Medieval Europe

  • Erin K. Wagner (State University of New York at Delhi), “Heretics and Capital Punishment in Dives et Pauper
  • Andrew M. Richmond (Southern Connecticut State University), “Policing the Borders or Passing the Buck? A Breakdown of Governance in Sir Tryamour
  • Andrea Tarnowski (Dartmouth College), “Exiting the Prison of Human Life”

2:00pm Early Medieval Europe

  • Eric Goldberg (MIT), “Hincmar of Reims, Carloman II, and the Political Context of the De ordine palatii
  • Bernard S. Bachrach (University of Minnesota), “The Plague in Constantinople in 542: Government Response”
  • Jonathan Dell Isola (Catholic University), “Arnulf of Carinthia and the End of the Carolingian Empire: Charters, Ancestry, and the Legitimacy of Rulership”
  • Jonathan Conant (Brown University), “Motivating Violence: Franks, Avars, and the Unmaking of an Imperial Periphery”

4:15pm Keynote

  • Jonathan Lyon (University of Chicago), “Was There a Difference between Lordship and Governance in Late Medieval Germany?”