Conference 2018

Government and Governance from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance: Reality and Representation
November 17, 2018 | University of New Hampshire | Durham, NH

CALL FOR PAPERS: The New England Medieval Consortium seeks abstracts for papers that consider questions and problems inherent in organizing sophisticated societies from late antiquity through the renaissance. Submissions are welcome from all fields of scholarly study including but not limited to history, literature, philosophy, theology, numismatics, art history, and manuscript studies. Government and governance include all aspects of human organization from neighborhood associations and guilds to kingdoms and empires, and from parishes and priories to the papacy. Possible areas of inquiry include corruption, patronage, ethics, reform, institutional structures, bureaucracy, propaganda, jurisdiction, rights, and obligations.

Please submit a title and an abstract of 300 words to Professor David Bachrach at by May 20th.